Goals & Marketing Plan

Our goal of this show is to create a vast international fan base by creating compelling and unique content and using an effective distribution and marketing strategy. We will then monetize this fan base by advertising marijuana and exotic dancer based products and services.

CONTENT:  We will showcase a variety of popular exotic entertainers in Las Vegas, as well as other cities in the U.S.A.  We also have entertainers in other countries such as Australia.

DISTRIBUTION: We will utilize popular video sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Weed TV, as well as our own self-hosted video solutions.

MARKETING: We will grow our fan base through the utilization of social influencers within our network.  We will also drive traffic from our large network of entertainment sites, such as: Striptainers, Lorem Servo, Fantasy Date, Playgirls and the Love Bunnies.



  1. Ad Revenue
    1. We will advertise/promote the following categories throughout our show:
      1. Weed related products and services
        1. Weed Dispensaries
          1. Planet 13, Reef, Source, Jardin, etc
        2. Weed Manufacturers / Brands
        3. Weed Paraphernalia
          1. Water Pipes
          2. Vaporizers
        4. Online Weed Websites
      2. Exotic Entertainer products and services
        1. Exotic Shows
          1. Burlesque Shows
          2. Topless Shows
          3. Male Revues
        2. Strip Clubs
        3. Adult Stores
  2. Billboard Truck Advertising
    1. We can advertise our show and upcoming episode on the Las Vegas strip via our Mobile Billboard Truck