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  • Fill out every question the best you can. You can keep it short and sweet but not too short. We need to have an idea of what your story is about. If you don't want to answer a specific question, just write "NA" for the answer.

    Please do your best to fill out as much as possible. The more info you provide, the better we can get to know you and the more likely you'll be picked for our show.

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  • Briefly summarize a story that you think is funny.. something that happened to you or that you did.. just anything you really feel is worth sharing.
  • When did you first model or dance? How did you get started? Did you like it at first or was it mainly for the money?
  • What was a job you remember growing up?  Something that taught you a lot about being humble and working hard.. or made you smarter.. or conquered a fear.. or made enough money to buy something you wanted.. expand on that.
  • Movies?  Sports?  Clubbing?  Reading?  Learning? Travelling?
  • Talk about whatever you want.. but mainly your current aspirations.. what do you want to do this year, next year, and five years from now.
  • What's something very hard you had to do, maybe you were scared but you accomplished it. Talk about it and what you learned from it and how you grew from the experience.
  • Were you excited, nervous, happy, scared? And why?
  • Please type in the links to any videos of you on the web that you'd like to share during your segment
  • Please upload 3-4 photos you'd like to share. For more than four photos, please send via email to
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