Strippers & Weed


Finally! A show that shares steamy stories from sexy sirens who smoke weed in the city of sin.

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STEVE: What up everyone I’m Steve Kim.

LANA: I’m Lana Chairez.

AARON: I’m Aaron Schumann.

TOGETHER: And welcome to the Wild Life!

STEVE: The Wild Life is a show dedicated to showcasing the best exotic entertainers in the U.S.A.

LANA: This includes models, dancers, and strippers.

AARON: This is our in-house studio where we will film episodes of the Wild Life. We also have a green screen studio near the strip where we can do all kinds of special effects.

STEVE: Strippers and Weed is a talk show where we interview exotic dancers and get to know them while at the same time, trying out all kinds of killer weed!

LANA: In other words, you get to smoke some bomb ass weed while having fun talking about your life and showing the world what you’re all about!

AARON: And what’s really cool is that you will be gaining a lot more fans due to the exposure. Our goal is to make this a very popular show and to increase your fan base. We want to make you look as cool as possible so you’ll be proud to share this video.

STEVE: And of course, being featured on a show like this will only increase your popularity which will get you more job opportunities, as well as a chance to be on television, radio, magazines, you name it, the possibilities are endless!

LANA: Some of the shows that we have worked with include the Steve Harvey Show, For Love and Hip Hop, America’s Got Talent, Beat Shazam with Jamie Foxx, and many more!

AARON: So the format for “Strippers and Weed” is similar to the Youtube show called “Hot Ones”, but instead of eating hot wings, you’re smoking weed!

STEVE: I will be hosting the show with my co-host Lana and we will also have special guests hosting as well.

LANA: We’re going to ask you questions and really get to know you!

STEVE: Yes, it’s a dream come true; you get to smoke weed during the show and what’s funny is we’ll keep getting higher and higher while we’re talking and talking.

AARON: Yeah and that should create some really funny, goofy moments that people are going to love to see!

STEVE: For sure! So now that you’re excited about this show, here’s what we’re looking for:

#1 You must be an exotic dancer:

LANA: This includes girls who dance in strip clubs or burlesque shows.

AARON: #2 You must be able to travel to Las Vegas to shoot at one of our studios.

LANA: #3 You must be 21 years old and up.

AARON: And last you must fill out our show questionnaire.

STEVE: The show questionnaire helps us to learn more about you. We need to make sure you have great stories that are worthy of being on our show. Later we will do a facetime or zoom interview so we can see if you’re comfortable on camera and if have good chemistry.

AARON: So what are the benefits of being on our show?

#1 You will be featured on our show where you can tell your story to a global audience.

LANA: #2 We work with only the best entertainers throughout the nation so you will be part of an elite group.

AARON: We can promote you and help you find more fans.

STEVE: And of course, that means more money. For example, you can book more work through my agency.

AARON: Also this show will increase your webcam and video sales.

LANA: And you can attract more members for your Fans Only page!

AARON: So if you’re excited to a part of this, please go online and fill out our show application.

LANA: We can’t wait to see you in our studio.

STEVE: Thanks for watching and

TOGETHER: Let’s get wild!

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