The Wild Life Show



Hey how’s it going? I’m Steve Kim, owner of Wild Entertainment in Las Vegas. We are a marketing and talent agency and we have been in business for over ten years.

We have hundreds of exotic entertainers working for us and we’ve been featured on shows such as Love and Hip Hop and Jersey Shore recently.

In this video, I will introduce our show concept, I will also talk about the content that we’re going to create, as well as discuss the type of guests that will be on the show.

Stay tuned because at the end, I’m taking some clothes off and showing you some moves!


But before that, I would like to introduce you to my show. It’s called “The Wild Life” and it is about the many exotic entertainers who work for me.

I am the host of the show and I will have co-hosts as well. My co-hosts are exotic entertainers from all walks of life who are funny, sexy, and great at getting out guests to loosen up and tell their best stories.


I have an endless supply of amazing and entertaining people to feature on this show!

Our guests come from all four corners of the exotic entertainment world.

For our female audience, we have the sexy men of Magic Mike Live, Chippendales, and Thunder from Down Under.

For the men, we have topless show girls and burlesque dancers who perform at Fantasy, X Burlesque, and the Sexxy show.

We will also have go-go dancers from night clubs and exotic dancers from strip clubs.

And we will feature our gay friendly entertainers for our LGBT audience.

There are so many different types of exotic entertainers that the list would take forever to go through.


Our content will include interviews, short stories, as well as behind the scenes and follow up stories.

The common theme will be how I met this person and what our relationship is.

We will feature them as a guest on our show, which is in a talk show format.

We start with an introduction, followed by their favorite 2-3 stories.

We will also do some fun games such as “This or That”, “What up with that gram?”, and “How sexy can you get?”.

The sexy game is a hook to get viewers to watch the entire video because at the end, you will get to see our guests get sexy and do a special performance. We are filming this part in 180 virtual reality as well.

We will also have spin-offs, such as “Strippers and Weed”, a segment where guests consume various marijuana products while sharing their craziest stripper stories. This show will be done similar to a popular YouTube show called “Hot One’s”.


Shows that are similar in theme include:

  • Gigolos

  • Men of the Strip

  • Vivica Fox’s Black Magic

  • E! True Hollywood Stories: The Chippendales

  • First We Feast: Hot One’s



“Strippers & Weed” is much more than just stories about Strippers and Weed.

The word “strip” means to remove. We want to “strip away” the layers that cover the unique identity of every one of our talented exotic entertainers. We feel like there is an interesting story behind our talent and we want to “strip away the outer layers” and really get to know our people.

Of course, weed helps us to relax and open up more. So “Strippers & Weed” is essentially a show about exotic entertainers, their relationship with weed or other supplements, and the stories of their journey to becoming an exotic entertainer.